CD Royer review

04 abril 2013 - Revista Scherzo. Abril 2013. Seleccionado como Disco Excepcional del Mes.

CD Royer review

See article in Revista Scherzo. Abril 2013. Seleccionado como Disco Excepcional del Mes.


Premier Livre de Pièces pour clavecin. Yago Mahúgo, harpsichord.

BRILLIANT 94479 (Cat Music). 2013. 62’. DDD. N PE


In our magazine nº280, when I commented the great disc with Bach works recorded by Ignacio Prego, I also talked about Yago Mahugo, among others, as member of a great group of new young spanish harpsichordists. Who doubt about my affirmation, here they have the opportunity to check it out. It is a monograph on  Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace-Royer. Born in Torino (half French, half Italian) and cousin of François Couperin, Royer had a great success in life due to his operas and the harpsichord transciptions of some instrumental pieces of those operas.  Unfortunally, only three of those operas are preserved and a few more pieces (songs, motets, ...) and his Premier Livre de Pièces pour clavecin, published in 1746. From the quality of this pieces for harpsichord there is no doubt because Chirstophe Rousset, Mahugo’s teacher, recorded it two times, in 1993 for  L’Oisseau Lyre and in 2008 for Ambroisie. In the first version, with the 14 pieces of the collection, Rousset also included another piece, discovered by him: La Chasse de Zaïde. Mahugo has choosen also to include this piece, and in a general view,  the pupil beats the teacher (and again; if you doubt about my statement you just have to compare them). In the faster pieces (the evil Marche des Scytes) as well as in the slow ones (the moving La Zaïde) the performance of the from in Madrid born harpsichordist is just memorable. The sound of the harpsichord (a Ruckers copy) is great, helped also by a very good sound take from the sound engineer Alessandro Simonetto (also a harpsichordist himself). It is hard to imagine a better introductory card for Mahugo, who also wrote the very illustrative words of the booklet.


Eduardo Torrico (“Scherzo” spanish musical magazine, April 2013)